SL Male Freebies is a resource for male freebies within Second Life. This includes free items, group gifts, and hunt items. This is a no-frills blog meaning there is no artistic images and no styling just freebies and only freebies. The purpose is not to showcase photoshop skills nor sell you a product, the items are free so take them or leave them. That said there is still a lot of time and effort put into finding and photographing the items for you to see. I also only showcase what I believe to be quality items. A lot of the free items are template designs and so you may see the same base model repeatedly but different designers have varying texturing styles and ultimately that is what you are looking for.

Please note that items will look different on various avatars and styling DOES play a part in how something looks. There are plenty of blogs and professionals (as in they charge you) in order to help you stylize your avatar and your look. How you wear and look in an item is up to you. I just provide the means for you to windowshop and grab freebies.

This blog will also contain ONLY free items. Whether it is hair, skin, or accessories, I will only be using items available (at some point in time) that are free. There are many so-called freebie blogs that will post an entire look and only one small accessory that you can’t see is free. If it’s in the picture here then it’s free.

With that said I do encourage people to purchase and support items from stores, especially those who do take the time and effort to provide players with freebies. There are numerous reasons why people hunt freebies but remember that those freebies may no longer be available if a store were to close because people didn’t buy their products.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email, flickr, or inworld under Slmalefreebies Resident.

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